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Tree Trimming Cost

Keeping trees looking attractive, tree trimming is an affordable way to improve a property’s market value. When handled by professionals, tree trimming gets rid of dead branches, restores the tree natural shape, snips overgrown branches to size, and gives groups of...

Tree Removal Costs

In Minneapolis, a large percentage of trees fit in the medium-size category. For this reason, most property owners pay a tree removal cost of $400 to $1,200. However, the cost of removing a tree in Minnesota can be as low as $200 or over $2000, depending on how...

Tree Pruning Cost

To prune a tree in Minneapolis, Minnesota, you will need $75 to $2000. If your home has trees with a height of below 60 feet, you will enjoy a lower tree pruning cost, with professionals charging $150 to $650 to prune most medium-sized trees.  The cost of pruning a...
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