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Home Service Direct Creates A New Website For Tree Service Minneapolis

by | Jul 8, 2022 | Tree Services

After spending close to 12 months looking for a perfect web developer, we finally settled on Home Service Direct. The company has helped us build our new website. Today, we officially announce the completion of the website development process. It took around one week for Home Service Direct to complete the whole process.

The reason we were patient with the process is that we wanted a website that would make work easier for us and our clients. The new website has more appealing features making it exceptional from the rest. Below, we will look at the modern features added to the website.

Easy To Use When Ordering Tree Services

With the newly launched website, our clients can easily place their tree service orders. Homeowners do not have to make trips to our offices to request services. In the comfort of their homes, homeowners can send their requests via the new website.

All they need to do is open the website, fill out some basic information, and then hit the submit button. Information required includes; names, contact details, location, and the tree service needed.

Optimized For Mobile

Home Service Direct took into consideration the fact that many people use mobile devices for browsing. Also, computers and laptops are not easily portable. A homeowner might need to request tree services while they are away from their computer or a laptop.

Our new website does not limit people from using mobile phones. It ensures the experience is completely the same as that of using desktop computers and laptops.

Browser Compatibility

The world has evolved technologically and brought about modern browsers which are more efficient. Despite this, some inefficiencies may be experienced due to the difference in how a website is interpreted by different browsers. For this reason, Home Service Direct made sure our new website is compatible with all the main browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Opera.

Fast Loading Speed

Our new website loads within 2 to 4 seconds enhancing good usability. Homeowners can now quickly access our services on a website that doesn’t keep them waiting.  This will help us avoid losing clients.

Click To Call Feature

Users accessing our new website using a mobile device can make a call to our offices. We have placed a click-to-call button on the website so users can easily contact us. This will enhance communication with homeowners thus building a good relationship with them.

 Has Good Web Security Features

The website has HTTPS and an SSL certificate. HTTPS prevents interceptions and interactions from occurring while the content is in transit.

On the other hand, SSL transfers clients’ personal information between the website and our database. It encrypts information preventing anybody else from accessing or rather reading it while in transit. This means that the information homeowners provide to our website will not be accessed by third parties.

Our new website also has a very smart password. It is a mixture of characters that nobody can come up with. The website can, therefore, not be hacked even by professional hackers.

Email Collection

With the new website, we can easily take and keep the email addresses of our customers. We can use these emails to reach out to our potential clients and notify them every time we have a new thing going on.

We can ask the customers about our services and what they want us to change. The information given will help us make our company better. Consistent email communication with our customers will also help us retain them.

In conclusion, we received what we were lacking for the longest time. In the past, we have worked with several other companies but none was able to build a good website. A year later we found Home Service Direct—the company understood our needs, outdid themselves, went beyond our expectations, and delivered a high-quality website. We are happy.

Explore our website to see how easy and quick it is to place your tree service request. Also, check out the services we offer on our new website.

To learn more about exclusive marketing for tree services or targeted tree trimming leads calls, talk to Home Service Direct through [email protected] or  (833) 827-4425. Also, learn how we can help you change the state of your trees via our new website Treeserviceminneapolis.com.

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